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I've worked in PR on the film side for the better part of my career. As a promotional tool, we would often create and distribute T-shirts at screenings and through contesting to help spread the word about our projects. When I first started in the business, I LOVED them and was anxious to collect as many as I could! But after working on hundreds of releases, I became a little jaded, like, how many T-shirts does a person really need?

That all kind of changed for me when I stepped into The Prince Edward County T-Shirt Company, tucked away down a laneway in Bloomfield (just off of the main street - you can't miss it - they line the laneway with T-shirts to direct you to their location). It actually made me appreciate the art of the T-shirt again. For starters, I am madly in love with PEC, so yes that helps. BUT the owners of this business, Lucinda and Ken, are creating products that are amazing quality, boast very unique and often tongue-in-cheek designs that I actually want to wear and I do so proudly! In fact, one of my favourite zipped hoodies ever came from this shop - it's my absolute go-to sweatshirt! They also carry an array of other items such as PEC branded bags, patches, a fun line of socks and so much more. Visit their website listed below to check out their wares.

The customer service is fantastic, and the owners are always a pleasure to chat with and I just LOVE how they have taken The County brand to heart in the way that they have. This place is much more than just a tourist T-shirt shop and is for sure worth stopping by!!

The Prince Edward County T-Shirt Company is located at 287 Main Street (down the lane), Bloomfield.


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