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These two companies produce exceptional product in a most unpretentious environment. So, if you are in the market for excellent sparkling wine, beer or cider, or just feel like stopping for a terrific bite to eat in a really relaxed atmosphere - Hinterland/County Road Beer should not be missed.

Both The Hinterland Wine Company and County Road Beer are located at 1258 Closson Road, Hillier, ON (and they are fully open in the winter months - yay!!! Although check their site or social for updates as they may close for a couple of weeks).



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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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So - a funny thing happened to me at the Hinterland Wine Company a few years ago. Hinterland produces exceptional sparkling wines, and I went in not really liking sparkling wine at all, but left carrying two bottles of their Ancestral Rosé. I can't really explain it, other than to say that their wines are so good, I was converted on the spot.

There are so many things that we love about both The Hinterland Wine Company and their offshoot, the County Road Beer Company - so I thought I would list the top five reasons right here:

1. Their product, premium sparkling wine and beer, is fantastic. They also produce a cider that I haven't tried yet, but chances are pretty darned good that it's great :)

2. The owners are extremely personable and passionate about what they do. On any given day - one or both can usually be seen in the vicinity of their tasting room area and are more than happy to educate you about their wines. A couple of years ago, Tim and I had heard they were planning to open a brewery, so while we were in the area - we stopped by to ask about it. Without skipping a beat, Jonas dropped what he was doing and graciously offered to show us how the new construction was coming along and gave us an impromptu hard hat tour (minus the hats!). It gave us a good idea of what they were working towards and it made us even more excited for them to open.

3. With the expansion of the brewery, they included a beer garden and hired a terrific chef, Neil Dowson. It honestly is one of our favourite places to stop for a delicious bite and fantastic beer (or a glass of sparkling wine that is also available in the beer garden).

4. Their branding is awesome - just look at their logos, signage, labels, T-shirts etc. It suits everything that they do so well, and I actually want to wear their logos, which is kind of a rare thing for me.

5. There are some really awesome vibes in this place, the staff are always informative and very friendly and the beer garden wait staff are especially fun. It really looks like everyone enjoys their work, which to me says a lot about the management.