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So! Earlier this year, the ground shook a little around here with the pretty thunderous news that County Road Beer was closing its doors - part of me still doesn't believe it! We, and I think the whole community in general, was so saddened by the news - businesses do come and go for sure, but I didn't see this one coming. We loved everything about that place and it always seemed to be packed.

One of our favourite things about the company was the awesome restaurant, with the extremely talented chef and really nice guy, Neil Dowson as well as the amazing staff. It really was one of our favourite places to meet, drink and eat!

We were so happy to learn that Neil landed at another terrific place right in the heart of Wellington, the Midtown Brewing Company. I really hope they are prepared for how busy they are going to be! Midtown, which just opended in 2017, was already an extremely popular hub in the community - and with the well-loved Neil joining forces with them - it might be even harder than it already was to find a seat!!

We are super happy for both Neil, who landed at a great place, for Midtown who landed an awesome chef and also for ourselves so we won't have to miss Neil's cooking :)

Midtown Brewing Co. is located at 266 Main Street, right in the heart of Wellington.


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