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While driving along the Loyalist parkway one afternoon a few years ago, I noticed what looked like a hot dog cart smoking away in front of the Barley Days Brewery. Always curious about street food (actually, always pretty curious about any food!) and feeling a little peckish at the time, I figured - why not?!? So, I pulled over to check it out and it turned out to be Angelo Bean grilling up some of his "drunken" sausages. I enjoyed it so much, I had him grill an extra one to bring home for Tim to try. And while I was at it, I purchased some frozen ones to bring home for future use!

His secret to these divine sausages? Angelo developed a unique process that concentrates wine (he uses different local wines as well as cider and beer!) and then adds it to a coarse mixture of heritage pork from Ontario farms using natural casings, kosher salt and pepper – and that's about it! Simple yet inventive using natural ingredients resulting in an exceptionally delicious product. Click HERE to learn more about the different styles that are available.

I could go on and on to tell you about his interesting layered background (he is a carpenter by trade with deep Italian roots; a master cook inspired by his own Italian heritage; offers Italian culinary workshops and is a wine specialist who used to work with the LCBO), but it's best for you to visit his site HERE so he can tell you in his own words!

I often tell people when they come to visit PEC, they should bring a cooler with them so they can bring home a bunch of great foods from the area, and Angelo Bean's sausages are no exception! You can purchase his frozen product in a number of places around PEC. Two that come immediately to mind for me are Encore Encore/Pastry House (Michael and Susan Hoy's culinary store in Picton) as well as The Local Food Shop in Milford. I always like to keep at least one package on hand in our freezer in case of a gourmet emergency! You can also click HERE for a list of other locations to purchase this product in the Toronto region.


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