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I wanted to add Bay Woodyard and Gavin North to this list of characters as I'm a huge fan of their product. While I've always had a completely irrational fear of bees (I have NO idea where that fear came from, but I am seriously terrified of them), their operation fascinates me and I love stopping by to pick up more product or bringing guests by for a visit! Their honey is DELICIOUS, and is available in a number of flavours including lavender, chocolate, ginger and wildflower - they are all SO good. They also produce lip balms, teas, hand creams, soap and they even produce their own mead (honey wine) that is unique and delicious. You can find their product in a number of places around The County as well (and in bigger cities too) but it's for sure worth stopping by their farmhouse just outside of Milford to see their operation. You can also check their website for a list of stores that carry their product too.

Honey Pie Hives and Herbals is located at 705 County Road 24, Milford


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