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So! Here is another super cool PEC couple that I'm a pretty big fan of, Johnny CY Lam and Kate Golding. Both are incredibly talented and are exceptionally nice people - they settled here in PEC just a few years ago and have already left their mark on the area. Let me first start with Johnny.

I met Johnny for the first time last year when I stopped by Humble Bread at the Wellington Farmer's Market. Henry Willis introduced Johnny to me as "the guy who recently shot the Food and Wine piece" (a gorgeous spread on PEC ran in Food and Wine Magazine last year, you can see that here). After that, I started to notice his work in quite a few publications including The Globe and Mail, Watershed Magazine and Toronto Life just to name a few. He is an incredibly talented photographer - you should for sure follow his social feeds just for sheer inspiration (links are listed below). Click here to have a look at his photos for PEC - he truly captures the magic of this place. If you ever find yourself in need of a photographer for an event or special project, you should consider working with him, and he's not just limited to PEC. He does a considerable amount of international work, and a great deal of work in Toronto and surrounding areas. I recently had the opportunity to consult with him on a project and can vouch for his professionalism and he is an absolute pleasure.

Now onto Kate! I first met Kate at one of Vicki's Veggies events. She had a table set up with the most gorgeous dish towels featuring her own County-inspired designs. I have a thing about dish towels, and have been known to frame a few that I thought were just too gorgeous to use for dishes! Not only does she design fabrics, but she has adapted her patterns for wallpaper and boy do they ever translate beautifully. I was fortunate to have a tour of Angeline's Inn in Bloomfield where their suites are adorned with her County-inspired designs and they are incredibly impactful. You can see some amazing examples of this work through her Instagram feed here or read a Globe and Mail feature that included her work at Angeline's here. Another awesome idea she has is this: If you are planning a wedding or special event - you can order towels to use as napkins for your guests. Not only will the tables/place-settings look stunning, but the guests are able to take these napkins/towels home as a memento from your special day. Such a brilliant idea!! To find out more about that or how/where to purchase her products, visit her site listed below. Lastly, here's a fun fact - Kate has the most exceptional memory ever, Johnny told me this. She never forgets a face, so if you have met her in your travels - chances are she will remember you!

Johnny CY Lam

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and his site is: johnnycylam.com

Kate Golding

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and her site is: kategolding.ca

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