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I’ve been a fan of Pamela Carter’s work for some time now – in fact, one of the first pieces of art that I ever bought in The County was one of hers – I refer to it as our “starter Carter” because it is small enough that I could afford it at the time, but it is really big on impact and it completely drew me in – you can see it below this paragraph. This painting depicts the iconic corner store that sat in Wellington for many years until it was closed (a river runs under it and it was determined to be unstable. There is a much bigger story around that but I’m not going to get into that here!). Come to think of it – the painting below may very well have been the first “real” piece of art that we ever purchased!

I’ve always had a thing for the impressionistic style of painting. Claude Monet’s work, for example, still takes my breath away - so much so, a few years ago I finally made the pilgrimage to Giverney (just north of Paris) so I could see where he lived and painted. It was a trip that I had wanted to do for many years, and it was one that I will never forget. What I love most about the impressionists is their use of colour and light, and I feel the same way about Pam’s work. And, the bonus is that she lives and works just a 20-minute drive from us! I believe her primary focus is oil and pastel, but you can visit her website (below) for more details and to see her gorgeous works of art.

The first time I met Pam was when I bought our painting, but I had the absolute pleasure of spending more time with her recently through Wellington Water Week, a new arts festival that I helped to get off of the ground in late August of this year. Pam was SO enthusiastic about the festival (see photo of her below taken by Kevin Scanlon – I think this shot totally captured her spirit!) and throughout the week, I learned that not only is she an exceptionally talented artist, but she is a lovely person with a terrific sense of humour and she is quite sassy too!!

Pam is participating in the 2018 Prince Edward County Studio Tour taking place from Sept 21-23. Outside of that – her studio hours are Thursday-Monday, by accident of appointment  Visit her site for more information – details are below!

Pamela Carter Studio


52 West Street, Welllington