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We first met Rebecca Hunt on a tip from Marisa, one of Tim's co-workers when he was at Sony Pictures. She told us that her cousin Rebecca lived in Wellington, that she had just launched a food truck called Picnic and that her husband Stewart was a very talented artist. So! We sought them out and had to agree with Marisa - these are two very talented people! Picnic is one of the best food trucks in the County. Her offerings always hit the spot (at least our spots! I'm a bit obsessed with her pickerel Po' boy sandwich) and we attended a wedding that she catered and she did a terrific job.

Stewart is an exceptionally talented and prolific artist. I LOVE his style and work - he is sort of an edgy/cool impressionist. I have no idea if that makes sense or if he would agree - but that's how his work resonates with me! I love his style so much, we bought the painting he is holding in the drawing above :) I've also seen some of his pen and ink work as well (contour-ish drawings) and they are gorgeous.

I think of Rebecca and Stewart as a PEC power couple, if there is such a thing in PEC - no one really seems to power trip here, at least that I have seen! Both have contributed to the cultural fabric of the area, so I wanted to add them to this. You should follow both through their social pages, I've listed them below and also visit their sites. Rebecca is mostly located at the Rosehall Run Winery in the warmer months (spring, summer and early fall) but check her social feeds for sure, and Stewart has had a number of exhibitions around PEC; his studio is in Wellington and I even saw him with his work at the One of a Kind show in Toronto last November.

Rebecca Hunt/Picnic

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and her site is: picnicpec.com

Stewart Jones

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and his site is: stewartjones.ca

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