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So! I started to do this drawing a number of weeks ago, and then life/work got incredibly hectic - so it was put on the back burner. That explains why this includes drawings of copies of the Winter 2016 edition of County Magazine instead of the most current Spring 2017! For what it's worth, this was already waaaaaay overdue anyway, as Steve Campbell has been on my list for quite some time now. Also, the back issues are every bit as good as the current! His publications (there are many) have had a huge impact on how we have come to see, understand and really appreciate this amazing area.

Born and bred right here in Prince Edward County, Steve is the publisher of not only County Magazine, a must-read if you love to visit PEC (or even live here), but his company also publishes Break Away - a terrific tourist guide for the area as well as a myriad of other publications including The County Handbook (somewhat of an expose on the quirky nature of the area residents and traditions - if you plan to settle here, it is required reading!); the gorgeous Prince Edward County, An Illustrated History (a really great historical reference to the area - co-written by Janet Davies and Ian Robertson) and publishes countless other historical reference books penned by local writers.

Steve has a great sense of humour that really shines through his writing, and he addresses with us "citiots" in a most respectful way. He for sure calls us out on our big city behaviour, but with understanding, civility and patience. I've heard it said that he may even have coined the term "citiot" :)

I have learned SO much about this area through his publications, and am most grateful to him and his team for that. If you are coming to PEC, planning to move here or already live here - pick up these books/periodicals. You can find them at Books & Company in Picton, right at their office located in the heart of Bloomfield, or you can order online by clicking here. You owe it to yourself AND to natives of the area (like Steve!) to read and learn all that you can, and you need look no further than Steve Campbell's substantial and growing collection of excellent reference materials!