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NOTE: This restaurant closed in February 2018 which broke our hearts:( She will be travelling as a person chef for some very lucky individual which is great for her. I just like Sujo so much that I'm keeping this page posted in honour of her :)

To get to our place in PEC, we typically travel along the Loyalist parkway (Hwy 33) through Consecon, and then turn onto Scoharie Rd (County Rd 1). For the first few years along this route, on that corner sat a simple diner with one of those huge mobile signs standing alongside the road that read, "Best Burger in the County". We always noted that sign, but never stopped by as we were typically anxious to get to our place. Then one evening as we were turning onto Scoharie - we noticed that sign had been changed to simply read, "French Bistro".

Not long after that, a girlfriend and I were out driving in the area, and realizing we were both pretty hungry - decided to give this place a shot. I can't explain why, but going in, I had really low expectations - it was just such an unassuming place and I hadn't heard anything about it at the time. But that day, I honestly had the best tomato soup I have ever eaten, and my friend Pam claimed her mussels to be the among the very best she has ever experienced. As we devoured our lunch, I could hear a couple close to us raving about their lamb burgers (and I've since had that burger and it is fantastic). As we went to the cashier to pay, we noticed these gorgeous and HUGE yet fairly flat chocolate chip cookies in a display case that was sitting on the counter - they were literally the size of my head. I brought a couple of these crispy wonders home with us and have since become an addict - they are so unique. I've even been known to call her from Toronto to see if she planned to bake them for the weekend :)

Since that time - Sujo Bae, the extremely hard-working and talented chef behind Soup Opera, has moved her restaurant and market (featuring local and imported food products, both fresh and specialty items from across the globe) to Wellington and now offers a substantial breakfast filling a void left by the Tall Poppy Cafe. If you are in The County and want a delicious meal, I really recommend this restaurant. You won't be disappointed.

Soup Opera is located just west of the town centre of Wellington at 11 Prince Edward Drive.


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