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I've known Vanessa for quite a few years now and I have written about her elsewhere on this site, but I wanted to include her as a County Character because she really is such a unique woman and I admire her very much.

At one point in her career - she was an executive working for a major film and television distribution company in Toronto (we worked together there) and then what seemed to happen almost out of nowhere - she abandoned her career, had the chutzpah to follow her passion for stained glass and then moved to The County! Her talent shines through her gorgeous works of art that are very unique. Her studio is located in a charming century farmhouse on HWY 2, just outside of Wellington and nestled in the heart of wine country and you can actually see one of her stunning windows in the barn at the Closson Chase Winery, right around the corner from her studio. At the moment, Vanessa is on hiatus from stained glass – and that's because she discovered something else she is great at! Vanessa is now an on-air personality with County FM. Tune into 99.3 County FM on Thursday afternoons to catch her arts coverage and entertaining commentary.

You can see some of Vanessa's wonderful artwork here on her site: www.shatteredpec.com

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